Photographs & Sculptures



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Born in 1986 in Hastings, Matthew went on to study visual communication at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2008. He currently lives and works in Glasgow.



Matthew looks to investigate the spaces we occupy and engage with in the built environment and how we fit within them or are forced from them. Going through the memories of architecture and places once travelled the works aim to revel in the already present sculptural forms presented by new and old infrastructure, intentional or not, referencing how we pass through the space and how this infrastructure leads the development of the modern world. The speed of modernity is often dictated by the speed of travel of information, goods and people. Constructing these forms allows me to present the viewer with a new context that helps to place them in an unfamiliar situation both visually and physically. Possibly dislodging their sense of calm and nudging them towards a feeling that could be rising up inside of them. They can evoke the every day, the mundanity and the boredom of travel but should open a new visual space that talks of the freedom it allows and the chance encounters which can occur and provide the stimulation we need to thrive.


2007 – Uutus Nyhett – Lahti, Finland

2009 – Square Beard, Old Ambulance Depot. Edinburgh

2010 – Static State, Old Motorcycle Club, Bristol

2012 – Static State, Summerhall part of Edinburgh Art Festival. Edinburgh

2014 – Here Now – New Documentary Photography , Manchester

2015 – Bad Idea - Adamastor Studios, Lisbon

2016 – Bad Idea - 249 Govan Road, Glasgow

2017 – Crane and Gable – Solo Show, Govan Project Space, Glasgow

2018 – We Disappear w/ Jonny Lyons, part of Glasgow International, GPS

2019 – A Romance of Many Dimensions w/ Hannah Hughes & Abigail Hunt, Sid Motion Gallery, London

2018 – Bad Idea – A-Dash, Athens (forthcoming)

2019 – Bad Idea – The Chopping Block Gallery, London (forthcoming)